DR. Tatjana Knego, DMD

Dental Clinic for general dentistry,
orthodontics, oral surgery and orthopan x-rays

Why Croatia and Zagreb?

  • BECAUSE we have very good dentists and our dental work is of very high quality as well as the latest materials we use

  • BECAUSE our prices for dental services are twice or three times lower than e.g. in: Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Norway etc.

  • BECAUSE Zagreb is a beautiful, quite town with Austro-Hungarian architecture resp. it is similar to Vienna, it has very good restaurants and lively streets full of open air coffee bars

  • BECAUSE Zagreb has an international airport and it is just one or two hours away from the major European cities, with which it is mainly connected by direct flights

  • BECAUSE Croatia is beautiful and, by the way, you can visit our beautiful coast, thousands of islands and lovely Dalmatian towns

  • BECAUSE we will welcome you at the airport and take you to your accommodation

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