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Veneers are porcelain veneers that are fabricated after minimal abrasion of the front surface of the teeth and are fixed with special tooth cement. They are created in a dental laboratory using pressure technology or computerised CAD/CAM technology. They are applied when it is necessary to change front teeth:

  • tooth shape
  • tooth colouring
  • tooth position
  • slight orthodontic anomalies

Teeth must not be excessively damaged with caries (decay), i.e. they must not have large fillings. Veneers give an exceptional aesthetic appearance to a patient's smile without any major abrasion of the natural tooth and are long lasting. This procedure is often combined with preceding whitening treatment so that the end result gives a bright, white and refreshing smile as the surrounding teeth are also whitened. With make-overs, the procedure can be combined with a zircon bridge or e-max cap giving a finished harmonious and aesthetic natural look and a beautiful smile. This procedure takes about 5-7 days with provisional veneers that are placed immediately after abrasion and are included in the final price of veneer treatment.

Dr. Knego personally deals with all prosthesis work in the clinic as well as procedures with veneers. She has been dealing with veneers for over ten years which is very significant as the procedure requires precision abrasion and cementing, using a combination of various cements resulting in teeth exceptionally natural looking, aesthetical and lasting.

Non prep veneers – veneers without abrasion

Laminates - NON PREP TECHNIQUE veneers that are placed on the tooth using cement technique without the need for abrasion. Laminates are used to increase the volume of teeth and smile and they correct form, poorly positioned teeth or to change the colour of teeth. Due to the slight increased volume of teeth and because they barely cover teeth imperfections, this technique cannot be applied in many cases.

Veneers - before and after





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