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How to achieve a natural look of lip augmentation?

Today, many want to increase lip volume with a natural look as if nothing has been done. In order to achieve naturally looking increased lips, the following is extremely important:

- Skills and experience of doctors

- Doctor’s injection technique and work

- Type of the hyaluronic filler that does not create accumulations

Multiple puncturing with a special technique releases hyaluronic fillers in different parts of the mouth that we perform at the Dental Estetic Studio will give you perfectly shaped and increased lips with smooth and soft texture and natural profile that increase the attractiveness and sensuality of your face.

Various types of hyaluronic fillers exist for lip augmentation made by different producers specifically for the lips. By using the latest technologies that give it its unique viscoelastic properties and volume allow filler and fresher lips without “lumps” and local accumulations. With such characteristics, the hyaluronic filler has ideal sculpting properties because, in addition to creating a harmonious volume, it also allows the alignment of edges and fullness of lips and provides a result of increased or regenerated lips with a completely natural look.

Thanks to these properties of hyaluronic fillers and artistic skills of doctors you can: increase the volume of your lips but also resolve any problems with your mouth such as: asymmetry, thin lips, dehydrated shriveled lips with wrinkles, and not clearly defined edges with lipstick spillage.


The lip augmentation treatment by hyaluronic fillers takes about 30 minutes and is completely painless. Painless of the treatment is due to a new and very strong anesthetic cream specialized for anesthesia of the skin and lips that we use at the Dental Estetic Studio dental clinic, and often the usage of the filler to fill the lips contains an anesthetic as well. All of this provides the doctor with a smooth procedure with a natural lip augmentation or lip rejuvenation procedures while providing the patient with a total relaxation due to the absence of the pain. Anesthetic cream that we use during the hyaluronic fillers procedure at the Dental Estetic Studio dental clinic is not a classic anesthetic cream, and cannot be found on the Croatian market. This new cream helps so that the patient does not feel the lip augmentation procedure or any other procedure that uses the hyaluronic fillers.

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