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The best way to replace an extracted tooth is to install an IMPLANT in its place. Implants are embedded in the jaw bone by a minor surgical operation that lasts about half an hour and if you follow instructions, there is no added risk or excessive pain after the operation. The implant then carries a cap, bridge or retention as a substitute or later to carry prosthesis.

Implants substitute missing front teeth

The only precondition for implants is that you HAVE SUFFICIENT BONE STRUCTURE. Today, if there is insufficient bone structure this can be supplemented with a minor surgical operation, bone augmentation or where required, sinus lifting.

Dr. Knego has been installing implants for over twenty years. Today the clinic disposes of several implantation methods which can be found in the best dental clinics in the world.

Permanent prosthesis on implants we usually install 3 months after the placement of implants, when it osseointegrates with the jaw bone except in cases where it is necessary to immediately place aesthetic looking temporary crowns. If you prefer you may be given new TEETH IN ONE DAY. When you have no teeth in your jaw you can install a fixed bridge with just 4 implants using the ALL-ON-FOUR system.

Implants today can be implanted into the jaw in 2 ways:

  • classical minor surgery
  • 3D induced implants without surgery incision or stitches

Implants without surgical procedure

The clinic is equipped with the latest 3D implantation programme for inducement implantology, i.e. implantation without surgery, incisions or stitches using a CT of the patient's jaw and a specifically fashioned individual mould.


Company Mis Implants has launched in London a new dental implant Mis V3, a brand new revolutionary implant, which can be obtained from us at our clinic. New Mis V3 dental implant represents a culmination in the implant design. The design of the implant itself has a significant impact on how the implant is connected to the bone, i.e. the very osseointegration. Its unique triangular shape in the coronal part, which makes it different from other types of dental implants, stimulates the regeneration of bone and thus creates a larger bone volume. Mis V3 dental implant has a broad indication of application and is ideal for the front region in order to achieve better aesthetics of future work on the implant.

The implant surface is perfectly processed, which provides a very good primary stability and firm anchoring regardless of the bone type. Studies have shown that due to the specific appearance and development of this dental implant, its main advantage over the other types of implants is its DURABILITY, since it enables a strong bond with the bone implant.

Mis V3

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