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If your gums are too exposed and the aesthetics of your smile are disrupted, we can solve this. The problem that is often encountered in the patient’s mouth is called “Gummy smile” (gingival smile), where the teeth of the upper jar or a large part of gums are visible.

Gummy smile can be solved in several ways:

1. Sometimes with a gummy smile it is necessary to rise the gums over the teeth i.e. extend the teeth a bit, which we do with a bit of anesthetic and electro cautery or laser. In just a few days you will no longer be able to see what we have done

2. There is a gummy smile when teeth are very short and small and should be increased. This is when we use a surgical method to rise the clinical crown of the tooth.

Gummy smile correction is quick, painless, and the results are extremely successful. The Dental Estetic Studio dental clinic in Zagreb city-center performs all three methods.

Gummy smile procedures are performed at our dental clinic by expert staff with excellent and long experience. The goal we are trying to achieve is certainly a beautiful and natural smile for our patient’s satisfaction.

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