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What is ALL-ON-FOUR?

If you have no teeth on one or both jaws ALL-ON-FOUR is a way of installing teeth on 4 implants that form a fixed bridge in just one day. The bridge is fixed firmly with screws that are not visible at all. There is no need for prosthesis and all this is achieved in one day giving you aesthetically, much better looking and fixed teeth. Implants are installed under a local anaesthetic and the procedure is totally painless. Patients are given a temporary bridge that looks well and after 3 months when jaw height stabilises and the gingiva (gum) recedes, a permanent All-on-four bridge will be installed.

The advantages of an All-on-four bridge:

  • there is no need for a prosthesis and requires only 4 implants (cheaper))
  • only needs to be serviced once a year and if need be, can be removed
  • excellent replacement of bone loss and gingiva
  • firm and looks better aesthetically

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